New plans for former Prestolite Factory

Larden Road site to come before planning committee in October

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Full details of the application and drawings can be viewed here (please note that many of these are large documents and can take some time to download).

Comments can be emailed to the planning officer here

The plans will be discussed by the Planning Committee at a public meeting at 7.00pm on Wednesday 18th October at Hammersmith Town Hall.

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Genesis Housing Group, who provide homes and services to thousands of people across London, has recently submitted further plans for the redevelopment of the former Prestolite Factory on Larden Road.

Situated on the cusp of Hounslow and Ealing Boroughs, the site falls under the jurisdiction of Hammersmith and Fulham Borough.

Planning permission was granted for a mixed-use development in August 2005 incorporating the part conversion and alteration of existing buildings and the erection of new buildings ranging in height between two and seven storeys. However, it was granted to the previous owners, Lemon Land, who subsequently sold the site complete with planning permission to Genesis Housing Group.

Although work has already begun to create 453 residential units as well as 3500m² of industrial space and parking for 280 cars (177 on-site and 103 off-site along the back of Greenend Road), GHG have now submitted new plans with a number of changes.

Is it estimated that 1,700 people will reside on the site with more working in the commercial units. However, the poorly advertised public consultation carried out during the summer holidays has angered locals. Residents living metres away from the development are yet to receive notification of any kind of the development.

One such resident, who lives in Whellock Road, Chiswick said “The first I knew of a large development was the noise of drilling. I couldn’t work out where it was coming from and only realised how far the noise had traveled when I drove past the site and put two and two together.”

GHG did hold an Open Day on 30th July which was brought to the attention of Neighbournet readers by a member of who wrote “An open day was held ‘conveniently’ between 3.00pm and 7.00pm when most people are at work. However there were still a lot of angry people there.”

In their statement supporting the application, GHG said that they are prepared to enter into a legal agreement which would see them making significant financial contributions towards local education and transport improvements. They believe that their scheme is consistent with planning policies and would deliver attractive new housing, job opportunities, high quality public realm areas and regeneration to the Borough.

The plans will be discussed by the Planning Committee at a public meeting on Wednesday 18th October at Hammersmith Town Hall. The meeting will begin at 7.00pm.


September 6, 2006