Concerns Over Plans For Sunday Parking Charges

Councils need to "help high street and not beat them into submission”.


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The Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) is disturbed by the intended proposal to have weekday charges for street parking until midnight, alongside ending free Sunday parking, in parts of central London.

A recent FSB ‘Voice of Small Business’ survey showed that 64 per cent of small businesses in London felt that increased parking charges had a negative impact on their business.

The FSB in London is aware of many problems faced by businesses dealing with the parking policies of London's Borough Councils and their contractors. It is clear that many authorities and contractors are regarding parking control as a money-generating exercise rather than a traffic management function as required by law.

The FSB in London is particularly concerned about the parking regime in Westminster because it represents the heart of London, and changes here significantly impact both tourism and domestic business, and influences the overall image of London as a visitor attraction and business destination.

It could also set a precedent for other local authorities to follow suit.

Steve Warwick, Greater London Regional Chairman, Federation of Small Businesses, said: “At a time when businesses are looking to achieve growth and remain competitive, Councils such as Westminster should not be regarding parking charges as a quick revenue grab, which is what this decision represents. We need councils to help the high street and not beat them into submission”.

August 1, 2011