New Nursery for Acton

New nursery opens at Acton Sports Club


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To find out more about the new nursery call 0208 751 3288 or 0771 7875712.

 A new day nursery, Park Place
Day Nursery Ltd, has opened at Acton Sports Club, Park Place, Acton. 

As the ribbon was cut by Bethany Crutchington, aged 2, prospective parents came along to offer their children to test the newly refurbished facilities.  The results were screams of delight as the children explored the delightfully equipped outdoor play area on tricycles and scooters. 

In the Nursery’s main room, children were busy in the creative area, budding architects made shapes out of play-dough, whilst young artists tried their hand at painting.   

Debbie Harris, owner and Managing Director of Park Place Day Nursery Ltd told “When we started the nursery plan, it was decided that caring, fun and learning were the most important aspects of a successful nursery.  Our Nursery has certainly accomplished this.  The setting is perfect for Early Years as the Nursery is located away from the main road, yet is it easily accessible from all main routes in and out of London. Our Nursery offers an excellent service to parents wishing to invest the best for their children.”  

September 12th 2004