Tories pick their man for next General Election

Jonathan Gough to contest Ealing, Acton and Shepherds Bush

Ealing, Acton and Shepherds Bush
Candidate Party
Clive Soley Labour
Justine Greening Conservative
Martin Tod Liberal Democrat
Nick Grant Socialist Alliance
George Lawrie UK Independence Party
Carlos Rule Socialist Labour
Rebecca Ng Pro Life Alliance

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Ealing, Acton & Shepherds Bush Conservatives have selected Jonathan Gough to represent them at the next General Election.

Jonathan Gough will be working to win back the seat once represented by Sir George Young. The "Bicycling Baronet" might approve of the environmentally friendly means of transport Jonathan uses - his 125cc Vespa avoids pollution, traffic-jams and the Congestion Charge.

He was selected by members of the local Association at an meeting in St Martin's Church Hall on Hale Gardens, Acton. In his acceptance speech, he stated his commitment to the regeneration of areas in the constituency and for a far greater degree of personal choice for parents, patients and pensioners.

He is opposed to the West London Tram and the effect it will have on local businesses and residents. �The Tram will put small shop-owners out of business, and create rat runs through currently quiet residential areas. It is not too late to prevent this expensive and divisive project�. He joined the 7th February demonstration that met at Acton Park to show his support for the �Save Ealing Streets� campaign.

Jonathan, 35, is married with four daughters. Having graduated from Oxford University in 1989, he spent the next five years with the Scots Guards serving in the first Gulf War and in Cyprus and Northern Ireland. Since leaving the Army, Jonathan has worked for Citigroup. He has been a Governor of his daughters' primary school since 2000, and has lived around West London for over a decade.

April 7, 2004