Ella Missing From Isleworth

10 year old cat could be trying to find her way home to Chiswick

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Chiswick resident Kerry Fenton is offering a reward after she lost her 10 year old cat Ella (pictured right).

"My friends were looking after her at their house in Isleworth but she escaped. I live in St Albans Avenue, Chiswick so she may also be trying to find her way home," explains Kerry.

Ella is a british short fur, microchipped and had a silver reflective collar with a blue name tag with her name and Kerry's number on it however she may have lost her collar now.

If you see a cat fitting this description email Kerry or call her on 07921 994 107.

You can also post any sightings of Ella on the ChiswickW4.com forum and BrentfordTW8.com forum.


January 4, 2011