Controversial Kew Bridge bus lane to be suspended

TfL and Council to conduct further traffic monitoring studies in this area

After its effectiveness has been questioned on numerous occasions, notice has been received from the Mayor�s office of their decision to �suspend� the bus lane when its experimental traffic order expires in September 2003.

In a letter written to Tony Arbour, Hounslow�s member of the London Assembly, it was stated �At a meeting between TfL and Richmond council in May of this year, it was agreed that the bus lane in Kew Bridge should be "suspended" to enable Richmond and TfL officers to monitor the impact on traffic in the area if a bus lane is not operational.

It was agreed TfL and Richmond Officers would work together to develop a monitoring framework - and, if appropriate, a joint scheme, which could benefit buses from congestion relief whilst having no negative impact on the local community. The meeting agreed a joint working party should be established to ensure both parties� interests are satisfied.�

In response Mr Arbour said � At last Livingston accepts that bus lanes can create more problems than they solve. I hope that this suspension is permanent. The problems it has caused to my have been immense. I have had a vast number of complaints about this scheme about this scheme and none in its support�.

He added � it would have been better all round if the Mayor had withdrawn the scheme when I first asked him to do this more than twelve months ago, When it had become obvious to residents that it was a disaster. This is one of the many occasions when if Livingston had listened to locals much grief would have been avoided�.

June 26, 2003

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