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Perfect Christmas stocking filler endorsed by Sophie Grigson

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To buy the Kids' Cook Book ask at The Kids’ Cookery School (020 8 992 8882) or visit

The Kids’ Cookery School (KCS), a unique charity that teaches children about healthy eating and nutrition by teaching them practical cookery, has just published its first fabulous Kids’ Cook Book.

Aimed at children as young as three years old, it is a simple and fun way to introduce children to recipes for healthy and delicious food and provides the perfect Christmas stocking filler.

Using KCS’s experience of cooking with young children and with clear and engaging icon illustrations and minimum text, this bright, fun and practical book is priced at a remarkable £4.99 in order to encourage parents and their children to get into the kitchen and cook. Childhood obesity rates are soaring and the issue of children’s food is being addressed by everyone from politicians to kids in playgrounds.

It’s great having Jamie Oliver to ask the government to change school dinners but what can children – and their parents - do at home? Until this generation has proper cooking skills and knows how to make informed choices about the food they eat we cannot stem the tide of ill health threatening our children.

“This is a beautifully clear book for those who are starting to learn to cook for themselves. A great way to launch newcomers into the joyful world of creating delicious meals.” Sophie Grigson

“A fabulous idea, wonderfully illustrated and remarkably simple to use.” Tony Tobin.

The Kids’ Cookery School has taught over ten thousand children from the age of three upwards to cook delicious and healthy food at the school in Gunnersbury Avenue.

The Kids’ Cook Book can help you to cook with your children and encourage them to follow recipes and start cooking themselves. All profits from the sale of this book go to The Kids’ Cookery School (registered charity number 1079543) and towards the funding of new schools in order to teach more children this essential life skill.


November 29, 2005