Cost of Coffee Sky High At Terminal 5

£360,000 cappuccino bill "a bit over the top"

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Whilst passing time in Heathrow’s new Terminal 5 a local woman managed to clock up a bill for more than £360,000 by drinking coffee.

Ealing resident Terri Patsalides, who works at Chiswick Auctions, was waiting for a client to arrive from Hong Kong but the baggage delays were so lengthy, she had time to drink four cappuccinos.

Taken aback when handed a bill for £361,514.97 (excluding service!), she told the waitress although coffees were very nice, she felt £90,000 a cup was “a bit over the top”.

A spokesperson for the Giraffe Juice Bar explained, “It was just a glitch on the computer system. The bill was cancelled and everyone had a laugh.”

The bill for four cappuccinos should have been £12.


April 1, 2008