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Councillor joins HACAN in battle against night flights

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Councillor Ruth Cadbury, Hounslow Council’s Aviation spokesperson, will be joining HACAN chairman John Stewart on Hounslow High Street this Saturday as part of the ongoing campaign to stop the Governments proposed increase in night flights.

Organised jointly by Hounslow Council and HACAN, the event will allow local residents to learn more about night flights and give the opportunity to register their opposition to the scheme by signing a petition to be taken to Downing Street.

Cllr Cadbury said “Having a good night’s sleep is a basic human right. People don’t want to suffer while more and more night flights ruin their sleep. Its time for the Government to sit up and listen to what the people of Hounslow have to say. We need as many people as possible to sign the petition, to send a clear message that people in Hounslow do not want to lose any more sleep.”

Cllr Cadbury and John Stewart will be on Hounslow High Street on Saturday from 11am to 2pm, where people can find out more about how the proposed increase in night flights would affect them and sign the petition.

The Department of Transport’s second phase of their public consultation into the contentious issue of night flights will end on September 16th 2005. This second consultation follows the DFT’s initial report into the current restrictions of night flights out of all London airports.

August 12, 2005