Do-it-Yourself Noise Challenge to BAA

Wherever you are, download the Widenoise app and use it on planes

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During the busy summer months residents under the Heathrow flight paths will be recording the noise of planes passing overhead by using apps on their mobile phones.  The five week experiment using a ‘Widenoise’ app, carried out in Isleworth, was so popular that residents have voted to carry on with the project .

Local mother Claire Goodhead said, “the Widenoise application has been empowering for the local community in Isleworth, giving us the ability to measure plane noise for ourselves.  The number of people logging readings and the passion of those contributing at community meetings demonstrates how people are worn down by the noise from Heathrow”. 

The residents are particularly keen to monitor the ‘operational freedoms’ trials which started in July.  Under the trials, which run until next March, BAA will be allowed to land planes during the residents’ respite period.  Normally planes coming in over London switch runways at 3pm to give residents in the boroughs most affected by Heathrow a half day’s break from the noise.  During the trials BAA has permission to land planes on the ‘wrong’ runway if delays are building up. Residents are concerned about the extra noise and stress that will mean.  Already they are complaining to BAA on 0800344844.

Claire Goodhead said, “Throughout the operation freedoms trials, we will be watching and measuring exactly what this means for local residents. We will not lose our half day of peace without a fight and without making plenty of noise of our own!”

John Stewart, chair of HACAN, the campaign against aircraft noise, said, “The fact that residents are measuring the noise themselves will put added pressure on BAA to get it right.” 


August 1, 2012