Gunnersbury Park Consultation Set For The Summer

As councils consider how best to prevent historic site’s imminent decline

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Consultation on options to secure the future of Gunnersbury Park is set to take place this summer, as Ealing and Hounslow councils consider how best to prevent the historic site’s imminent decline.

Speaking after last week’s Gunnersbury Regeneration Board meeting (Thursday 2 April), Councillor Adrian Lee, Hounslow Council’s Executive Member for Leisure, said, “There are a number of buildings within the park that are on the English Heritage "at risk" register, which will cost several million pounds to fully restore.

“We’re determined to restore all of the historic buildings in the park, along with landscape features such as the Japanese Garden and possibly even the Horseshoe Pond. We also want to restore the sporting facilities and create a new sporting hub for local youngsters in association with Brentford F.C.

“However, Ealing and Hounslow councils simply do not have the money available to pay for this, so we’ve had to look at other options to see if there is a viable way forward.”

The two councils jointly appointed professional consultants to look at a wide range of options for the site, and have worked with stakeholder groups to ensure that future plans do not alter the character and significance of the estate.

Cllr Lee continued:

“There were a number of options put forward by our consultants but many of these - including proposals for luxury housing on the south side of the park - have not been taken any further.

“We are now considering the remaining options, and will be carrying out a full public consultation in the summer. Ultimately, it will be for the people of the two boroughs to decide.

Cllr Peter Thompson, Leader of Hounslow Council and lead member for Regeneration, added:

“Councillors from both boroughs have looked at this time and again, and these proposals are the only way that we can see of resolving the matter and safeguarding Gunnersbury Park for the future.

“Nobody particularly likes having to do this, but there isn’t an alternative and funds need to be raised if the two mansions, the stable block and the gothic tower are not to simply be lost forever.

“However, we have no intention of making any decisions about the park’s future without the involvement of the community as a whole.”

Consultation will take place this summer and include realistic options for the park, what benefits each would bring and what their cost would be. It will also look at the criteria of options, including heritage, sustainability, cost, social impact and consider if the recommendations are the best option available.

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April 7, 2009