Fostering info gets a boost

New look web site provides help and support

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Fostering in Hounslow

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A new look section of Hounslow Council's web site has been launched to make it easier to find out information about fostering in the borough.

Anyone interested in fostering can visit where they will be able to find out a range of information about the process, what it involves and what help and support is available.

The site include a 15 minute film about fostering in Hounslow that stars carers and staff from the team and the ability to download a brochure.

Hounslow’s Family Placement Team are always looking for foster carers for more than 330 children and young people in the borough, who, for a variety of reasons, are unable to live with their own family.

These children and young people come from a diverse range of ethnic, cultural and religious backgrounds, so there is a demand for foster carers who can meet their needs.

Advice and support is always available for carers and a generous weekly allowance is paid to meet the needs of each child placed. Hounslow’s allowances are higher than the recommended national rate for foster carers.

To find out more about fostering in Hounslow visit, or call 0800 731 8558

October 20, 2006