The Dove Goes Up in Smoke

Fire destroys kitchen and roof of popular riverside pub


Photographs Una Hodgkins


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At 10.00am on Sunday 21st June residents in the passageway between Upper Mall and Furnivall Gardens were woken by cries and fire alarms, and evacuated into the nearby road and gardens.

Smoke billowed from the roof of the picturesque riverside pub, The Dove.

Firemen were on the scene within five minutes and disaster was avoided, but not before the ancient roof timbers were consumed and the pub's kitchen left open to the elements.

It was only due to the prompt attendance of the fire brigade that there were no injuries and that the damage was contained. The police are investigating the precise cause of the fire.

The new manager, Mr Rupesh, confirmed that the pub will be closed until further notice.

Una Hodgkins

Smoke started to show from top of property, within moments river and hammersmith bridge were hardly visible for smoke.

Mark Newton

June 21, 2009