Irresponsible dog owners face fines

Undcover rangers on duty during envirocrime blitz

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Undercover council rangers are ready to hit irresponsible dog owners with an instant £50 fine if they let their pets foul in parks in Acton.

Ealing Council is targeting the owners who make people’s lives a misery in the area’s parks and open spaces by not cleaning up after their dogs.

The council is also taking the action because of the huge health risks that the mess can cause to children – including blindness.

Councillor John Delaney, Ealing Council’s cabinet member for streets and environment, said: “People who allow their dogs to foul in our parks are blighting people’s lives and can also cause a danger to residents, especially youngsters.

“Maybe the irresponsible dog owners will see sense if we hit them with a £50 fine.

“We want more people to use our parks and don’t want them turning away because of a few anti-social dog owners.”

The clampdown on dog fouling is part of a four-day blitz on envirocrime and anti-social behaviour in the four Acton wards, which began on Tuesday, March 7th. A sizeable task force, from from the council, its contractors ECT, the police, DVLA, Ealing Homes, London Fire Brigade, Park Royal Partnership and charities, St Mungo’s, and the Tasha Foundation is carrying out the work.  The action includes trying to clear every single bit of graffiti from shops and homes.

Council street enforcement officers are hunting for illegal DVD sellers and street traders. They are also searching through fly-tipped rubbish for evidence on who the culprits are, and where possible, issue instant fines.

DVLA officers are working with street enforcement officers to remove untaxed and abandoned cars from the streets.

The blitz in Acton is part of a London-wide initiative to tackle envirocrime and anti-social behaviour, called the London Clean-up.

The emphasis is also on educating residents and businesses about their own responsibilities in keeping Acton clean, for example by disposing of their rubbish properly and not throwing chewing gum and cigarette butts on the floor.

Councillor Delaney added: “We know residents’ top priority is to make our streets cleaner, greener and safer, which is why we are so keen to support the London Clean-Up event.

“People in Acton will see how serious we are about tackling envirocrime and anti-social behaviour, and all the resources we have available to do it.”

The work is taking place in the following wards: Acton Central, East Acton, South Acton and Southfields.



March 8, 2006