Crime In London Remains At 10 Year Low

Wandsworth saw a reduction in total crime including rape but an increase in homicide

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The borough reflected the Capitals' figures (released on 15th October) that show crime at its lowest level in ten years, with further reductions since last year - Wandsworth had 467 less crimes last year.

Statistics for the first six months of this financial year show that overall crime has fallen by a further 1.2% compared to the same period last year, equating in real terms to over 5,000 fewer victims of crime.

This drop follows a reduction by 18,621 total offences (2.2%) over the course of the financial year 2008-09.

The most significant reductions in the Capital have been in homicide, with around a third fewer deaths this year so far than at the same point last year, representing the lowest murder rate in at least ten years. Regrettably in Wandsworth Homicide has increased.

12 months to Sep 09 (year) 12 months to Sep 08 (year)
Number of Offences Wandsworth Met Total Wandsworth Met Total
Total Crimes 25,744 839,802 26,211 853,101
Homicide 8 128 3 156
Violence Against the Person (Total) 5,189 174,599 5,233 174,020
Rape 85 2,400 93 2,100
Other Sexual 229 6,670 263 6,854
Robbery (Total) 1,312 32,923 1,225 34,107
Robbery (Person) 1,156 29,570 1,071 30,843
Robbery (Business) 156 3,353 154 3,264
Burglary (Total) 3,159 96,460 2,979 92,428
Burglary Residential 2,034 61,783 1,906 58,866
Burglary Non-Residential 1,125 34,677 1,073 33,562
Gun Enabled Crime 131 3,277 0 0
Motor Vehicle Crime 3,746 103,521 4,079 114,351
Domestic Crime 1,765 53,726 1,599 51,913
Racist Crime 260 9,692 234 9,154
Homophobic Crime 27 1,192 21 1,008

Deputy Assistant Commissioner Lynne Owens said:
“Overall, crime in London continues to fall, which is good news for Londoners. Reductions in knife crime, youth violence and homicide in particular represent continuing success in these areas on top of significant reductions last year. However, we are not complacent. There are areas that remain a challenge, and we continue to tackle those challenges head on.”

"As the Commissioner has previously advised, there remain areas of concern which we continue to focus our operational efforts on. The first six months of this financial year has seen a rise in residential burglary of 2,617 offences (9.8%) compared to the same period last year. We are aware of this rise and have committed to operational activity which has begun. We are re launching Bumble Bee which will focus on two strands, prevention and proactive movements against burglars."

"Gun crime in the capital has risen by 252 offences (17.0%) over the six-month period (figures are not available for Wandsworth). Although this rise is in the context of a 25% reduction during the last financial year, the current trend is a matter of great concern and the subject of extensive operational activity."

Rape is down in Wandsworth although in London there was a 20.2% increase.


October 15, 2009