Have Your Say On Policing in London

Your opportunity to have your say on the Policing London Business Plan for 2011

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Public consultation plays an important part in setting the policing priorities for London. The Metropolitan Police Authority is considering the priorities for 2011/12 and would like to know what you think the police in London should be focusing on.

Have your say on policing in London by taking part in this year's consultation questionnaire, by:
* completing an online questionnaire
* or please call 020 7202 0063 or 020 7202 0173 (minicom)
- leave your contact details for a paper copy to be posted to you for completion; or
- leave your contact details and we can call you back to conduct the survey over the telephone.

If you or your organisation would like additional paper copies of the questionnaire (available in a variety of different font sizes) please call 020 7202 0063.

The closing date for consultation is 30 November 2009.
To find out more please visit www.mpa.gov.uk/publications/policingplans


August 7, 2009