Thirty Per Cent Drop In Burglaries

Police say their winter initiative is showing success

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Police figures have revealed a 30 per cent drop in burglaries over November and December last year across the borough of Hounslow.  

The numbers show there were 140 fewer residential burglaries compared to 434 reports in November and December 2012.  

You can read the Met's crime statistics for the borough here

A report was discussed at the meeting of the Chiswick Area Forum (Jan 21) where councillors were told that theft from motor vehicles in the Turnham Green ward has reduced, the intelligence unit has been deployed to identify well-known local burglars, increased patrols and use of covert officers have contributed to the success in lowering crime rates.

The police report states ; "Residential burglary and Vehicle crime continue to be our most challenging issues. Working in conjunction with Borough activities there has been a reduction across the Borough in both crimes as follows;

Burglary 25.6% reduction
Non-Residential Burglary- 16.1% reduction
Theft From Motor vehicle- 20.8% reduction
Theft of Motor vehicle-21.9% reduction
Violence with Injury- 5.3% reduction
Robbery - 36.9% reduction
Theft Person- 15.1% reduction
Criminal Damage -3.7% reduction

Detection rates across the Borough are as follows:
Burglary: 10.1%
Non Residential Burglary: 13.6%
Theft From Motor vehicle: 3.1%
Theft Of Motor vehicle: 9.9%
Violence With Injury : 37.3%
Robbery: 21.7%
Criminal Damage: 13.9%
Theft Person :1.7%

Other initiatives being undertaken locally incude a step-up in high visibility patrolling and the revival of Neighbourhood Watch schemes that had become inactive. A new Neighbourhood Link scheme- a community message service from the police-has seen over 700 residents of Riverside ward signed up.

Police in Chiswick are also conducting visits to the local wards on the Street a Week scheme where they discuss with residents the topics of home security, personal security and any concerns. The three-day scheme involves officers posting a crime prevention leaflet through every letterbox and following it up on Day Two with knocking on each door and speaking to each resident. On Day Three, officers conduct a surgery in the street.

So far, Street a Week campaigns have been held in in Wolseley Gardens, Grove Park Rd and
Fauconberg Rd. This week ( commencing 20th January) local police will be in Grove Park Gardens and the week commencing 27th January, they will be in Park Rd.

Hounslow borough Inspector Ricky Kandohla said: "Over the darker nights in the months of November and December we have historically seen an increase in burglary.

“Working closely with our partners, we decided on a new burglary initiative and were able to increase our patrols and further educate our residents with a wide range of burglary leaflets which gave useful information on crime prevention.

“I am delighted to see that the results show clear reductions and fewer victims which ultimately is the main aim when planning any initiative. I'm thankful to our residents and reiterate if they see any suspicious activity please make sure they call 999 or 101.”  

The fall in burglaries also coincided with a joint police and council anti-burglary campaign which featured special ‘super hero’ posters and a beat the burglar pack advising residents on how they can keep their homes, families and valuables safer. There was also a campaign targeted at Asian families on how best to protect their gold and jewellery.    

Cllr Ed Mayne, cabinet member for community safety and regulatory services, said: “It’s great to see this fall in burglary and it looks as though our campaign had some impact but I can assure residents the council and police will not let up in our battle to make Hounslow safer.” 


January 21, 2014