Lib Dems announce election candidates

Malcolm, Rose and Miller to stand for Southfield ward

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Liberal Democrats have announced the three prospective candidates who will stand for election in May’s local elections for Southfield ward - Councillor Gary Malcolm, Cllr Harvey Rose and Tony Miller, a councillor previously.

According to the local party, some of the improvements three Lib Dems councillors have brought Southfield have been:

• 120 monthly surgeries;
• delivered 170 editions of Focus keeping residents informed of local issues;
• Thousands of casework assignments successfully completed;
• Countless fly-tips cleared, abandoned vehicles removed and street lights repaired;
• a number of road safety improvements introduced.

…And since the last elections in 2002

• A new playground in Acton Green;
• Extension of all 94 bus services to Acton Green;
• Upgraded play facilities in Southfield Recreational Grounds;
• About 50% of Southfield has new or extra lighting (the average is about 10%)

Tony Miller said, “I am glad to be selected and hope to be elected to help Southfield residents. Liberal Democrats in Southfield have a track record of action. And we have a track record of cleaning up after Labour’s mess.”

He added, “Lib Dems will be fighting to get the promised community police team set up and up to full numbers as many residents are fearful of being a victim of crime as well as getting the council to do the simple things properly like cleaning our streets.”

March 22, 2006