Childcare professionals rise to the challenge

New department created to meet needs of children across the borough

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(Left to right)

Dr Bob Garnett, Westley Williams, Anthony Brown, Cllr Ruth Cadbury, Chief Inspector Andy Morgan

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More than 200 professionals from a range of services who work with children across Hounslow came together at last week to discuss how the Hounslow is adapting to the Government’s Change for Children Agenda.

The Change for Children conference featured Claire Phillips from the Children’s Commission and representatives from a whole range of local agencies including education, health and social care who are shaping services at local level.

Dr Bob Garnett announced that the new department for Children’s Services and Lifelong Learning would be created on 5th December, as Hounslow council moves towards meeting the challenges set out in the Children’s Act 2005.

Dr Garnett, Hounslow’s Designate Director for Children’s Services and Lifelong Learning, said “The new Children’s Services department gives us the chance to build on our existing accomplishments, and offers the opportunity to help every child and young person in Hounslow to grow and develop free from fear, disadvantage and low expectations.

”To ensure we can make this vision a reality, we need to keep working together with our partners in the health service, the police and the voluntary sector and schools.

“It is only by working together and listening to young people that we will be able to deliver a better performance to meet the rising expectations that the young people we work for, deserve.”

Workshops at the conference looked at topics such as commissioning for children’s services, listening to children and young people, multi-agency working and workforce skills.


November 9, 2005