Simple Scheme Provides Peace of Mind

New technology helps to keep older people safe in their homes

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The Alertacall trial is open to all over 60’s and other adults who are known to Hounslow social care teams, call freephone 0808 156 5777 to find out more.

Hounslow Council

A new scheme called Alertacall is being trialled in the borough of Hounslow and offered to older people, and people with a learning or physical disability, free-of-charge for six months.

Service users are provided with a big button telephone that works in exactly the same way as a normal telephone, but has additional, special buttons.

Each day, the service user presses a designated button on the keypad before agreed times, which have been chosen by them. This lets the Alertacall operator know they are safe and well.

If they do not press the button, a member of the Alertacall team will call and ask if they are safe. If they do not answer, they will ring one of three people chosen by the service user, for example friends, neighbours or family, and alert them.

Cllr Pamela Fisher, the Council’s lead member for adult social services and health, said: “Alertacall provides peace of mind to residents and their families. If residents have fallen, or are unwell and cannot get to the telephone, a call will be made to check they are safe, and if no response is made, the operator will warn friends or relatives about that. In trials, it has worked well and could prove to be a lifesaver.”

Hounslow Council has now entered into a partnership agreement with Alertacall to offer borough residents the chance to try out the service for six months free-of-charge. If residents like the service they may continue with it, if not, there is no commitment.


February 15, 2007