Oxfam Campaigner Sends Benn to Bali

With 100,000 messages to end climate poverty

Local Oxfam activists presented 100,000 signatures to Environment Secretary, and Chiswick resident Hilary Benn, outside of his department, asking him to prioritise the needs of the world’s poorest people at the UN Climate Change Conference which starts in Bali today.

Oxfam activist Peter Hulme said, “It was great to be able to deliver this message on behalf all those who signed the petition. So many of those people were really concerned about the effects of climate change on poor communities and keen to get involved in doing something about it”.

Hillary Benn will be attending the UN Climate Change Conference, in Bali, Indonesia, where politicians from across the world will meet to discuss an international agreement on managing and limiting climate change for 2012 onwards.

Oxfam is calling for Hilary Benn to push for a future agreement that commits to emission cuts and is fair to the world’s poorest countries that are least responsible for carbon emissions.

“It’s a shocking injustice that poor countries are already paying the price of industrial growth in rich countries, which has brought about global warming.” Said Peter Hulme.

“Vulnerable communities are already suffering food and water shortages and worsening poverty because of unpredictable weather patterns and increasing weather-related crises, brought about by climate change.”

“The window of opportunity to avoid the worst effects of climate change is closing fast.” Said Peter Hulme “We need unprecedented global cooperation and a display of real vision and leadership for a deal which is fair for the world’s poorest people.”

People can still add their name to this petition by visiting: www.oxfam.org.uk

December 5, 2007