Caught On Camera

Police become film makers in bid to cut robbery

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Police in Southfield have been given cameras to deter criminals following an increase in robberies in the borough.

It's hoped that the operation - which focuses on identifying and capturing offenders involved in street crime - will help reduce the rising numbers of thefts in the borough.

The 'overt' filming, which has been agreed by community leaders and is carried out under strict guidelines by uniformed officers began on Monday 3 May.

It's being used in: Dormers Wells, Southall Broadway, Southall Green, Norwood Green, Ealing Broadway, Acton Central, South Acton, Southfield, East Acton.

Ealing Police and the Metroplitan Police Service say they are committed to making the borough a safe place to live, work and visit.

They say that this type of filming is a tried and tested tactical option in the reduction and detection of street crime.




May 11, 2010