Renewed optimism as latest plans for Brentford FC stadium are unveiled

Supporters group working with developers to ensure that the club stays close to home

Brentford Football Club�s supporters group claim they may have made a �crucial breakthrough� in their bid to secure a new stadium for the club at Lionel Road, Brentford, the result of a innovative partnership between the club�s supporters and �mystery� developers.

The 23,000-seater stadium would be situated between Kew Bridge Station and the Brentford Fountains Leisure centre on Chiswick High Road. The plans, which include a number of leisure facilities and a monorail scheme, hung in the balance when the land�s owners, SRA, announced plans with an anonymous developer to turn the site into a warehousing site.

However, should the BEES new partnership work out, not only would the club have an alternative site in their home town, but planning restrictions on the sale of current ground, Griffin Park, would be loosened by the council and so provide the club with a crucial source of income to clear current debts and afford a further £10 million towards the £70 million scheme.

The development company partner would supply the further £60 million on the basis that they would receive profits from facilitating other developments on the site and raise their company�s profile. There is a suggestion that the Fountains Leisure Centre may be knocked down as part of the scheme.

Next steps are to complete an economic evaluation of the plan and meetings with Council members to ascertain local support for this scheme.

Bees Utd chairman John McGlashan said �It is well over a year now since we made the first attempts to ascertain whether Lionel Road was a suitable location for Brentford Football Club. During that time, especially last summer, the amount of effort put in by the supporters, the Local Authority, and Hounslow's MPs Ann and Alan Keen is very much appreciated by me, so when the developers told us they felt our proposals were workable, I was absolutely delighted. There are still some major hurdles to jump, but I do feel we are making real progress - I just wish these things didn't take so long! However, if taking our time gives us what we want, it is better than rushing things through and getting it wrong.''

Brentford chairman, Ron Noades is keeping an open mind saying �We would be delighted if the Lionel Road project proves to be viable. But at this stage we must explore all avenues and, therefore, our £3 million bid for Feltham Arenas still stands. We will pursue whichever deal can be tied up first - we can't afford to let an opportunity slip by. A move to either Feltham or Lionel Road would satisfy all the conditions on the residential development of Griffin Park and maximise the revenue.''

March 15, 2003

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