Latest Issue of Brentford & Chiswick Local History Journal Published

Subjects covered include Brentford Market, Grove House and the Glebe Estate

Latest Issue of Brentford & Chiswick Local History Journal Published

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Despite the lockdown the Brentford & Chiswick Local History Society have managed to publish a new edition of their local history journal.

As always, the authors of the articles have extended our knowledge of our area. The emphasis this year – by chance – is on buildings and on the people who lived in them. In Chiswick, through the discovery of an auction catalogue of 1842, Peter and Carolyn Hammond have been able to guide us through the rooms of Grove House, reconstructing the lives of the Burton family and leaving us pondering the fate of the 'Colossal statue of George IV'.

In Brentford, Jim Storrar has laid out the stories behind Clifden House and New Grove House, their past owners and the last phases of their use before demolition.

Neil Chippendale’s account of the new Brentford Market opened in 1893 and Val Bott’s study of the long-lost hamlet of London Stile unravel the area where Brentford and Chiswick meet. Tracy Logan and Richard Szwagrzak have been working on the broad canvas of the Glebe estate in Chiswick with precision and detail to bring out the whole rich story of how that development became the place we know today.

Two authors celebrate the lives of remarkable, independent women – Mizpah Gilbert, Chiswick’s second librarian, honoured for her contribution by James Marshall one hundred years after her appointment, and Shirley Seaton, author of books on Stamford Brook, is remembered in an affectionate obituary by Francis Ames-Lewis.

Edited by Val Bott, the Journal has been designed by Mike Paterson. It has 28 A4 pages, illustrated throughout, with a central colour spread, and a full colour cover illustrated with paintings from the Chiswick Local Studies & Archives Collection.

It is on sale now at £6 a copy + post. If you would like a copy click here.

June 12, 2020

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