Make Poverty History lays out its stall

Ann Keen MP shows support at the Bedford Park Festival

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Hugh Caldin, secretary of Chiswick Churches 4 Trade Justice. Hugh was able to show Ann Keen and her husband, Alan, MPs for two Hounslow constituencies, the MakePovertyHistory stall at the Bedford Park Festival’s Greenday on Sunday 12 June.

With the MPs and Hugh in the photograph (right) are Ros Lister and Audrey Hillis. They were kept busy answering questions on fairer trade, selling the special £2 book on “How You Can Help Defeat World Poverty in Seven Easy Steps”, the popular and chic MakePovertyHistory wristbands and chocolates and other goods made under Fair Trade conditions.

All these activities are making a difference. The day before Bob Geldof described the recent agreement to drop the debt of 18 African countries allowing them instead to put money into their own education and health as a “victory for millions”.

Chiswick Churches 4 Trade Justice is part of the MakePovertyHistory movement which aims to energize public opinion to demand fairer trade between the West and the poorest countries in the world, to promote the sale and buying of goods produced by Fair Trade methods and to reduce poverty.

Local action by individuals, from working to become a Fair Trade Borough, to peaceful demonstrations and supporting the Bob Geldof concerts, continues to keep MakePovertyHistory in the news and brings results.

Ann Keen said “This is a crucial time if we are to make a huge difference at the G8. I would like to thank the campaigners locally on all their efforts to keep this issue at the top of the agenda"

June 25, 2005