Adoption is not as difficult as you may think

Council launches campaign to find children their ideal parents

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If you are interested in adopting a child contact 0208 583 3437

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There are many children waiting to find their ideal parents - someone who can offer them the loving home they need, and, contrary to what you might believe, this could be you!

Hounslow’s Adoption and Permanence Team is appealing for more potential adopters to come forward to provide a home to the children in care currently waiting for adoption or fostering.

Despite common perceptions, almost any family can adopt, and the whole process usually takes around eight to 10 months.

Leigh and her husband adopted their child in January, and found the support Hounslow offered helped prepare her for becoming a parent. “We applied to Hounslow, but it wasn’t until later in the process that we found out it had one of the best reputations around.”

Prospective adopters are helped to prepare for adoption and the likely challenges that they will face during the assessment process. The need for adoption support will be considered when a child is match with an adopter and they will be reviewed regularly if needed.

Since December, unmarried and same sex couples have also been able to jointly adopt.

Potential adopters don't need to be well off and don't need to own their own home. And, contrary to popular myth, people who are overweight or smoke are not barred from adopting, and there is no an upper age limit.

Leigh continued “We loved the home study programme as it was a great way for us to realise what we needed to do to become parents. By being ourselves we found things we needed to think about and address, which was good as the social worker knows what is best for the child, and it’s the child who needs to find the right parent.

“When I began the adoption process, I was carrying an extra 40 kilos, and no-one ever commented I was too large. I chose to make the effort to lose the weight so I would be able to do the running round that having a kid involves.”

The important thing is that adopters are able to meet the needs of the children and provide security and stability throughout their childhood and beyond.

The support provided will depend on the needs of the family and the wishes of the adopters and may be in the form of a one-off or ongoing support. It may include information, advice, counselling, access to support groups and assistance with accessing other public services.

May 15 2006