Westminster School

The school can trace its lineage back to the 12th century, although the actual foundation was by Elizabeth I in 1560. This is a very academically high-powered school with typically over 40% going to Oxbridge.  If your son gets one of the Queen's scholarships on offer he will be obliged to board.  There are around 680 boys between 12 and 18.  It is nominally Church of England but all denominations are accepted though you will have to attend services at Westminster Abbey.

For 2005/06, the fees per term for studying at Westminster School are £5,614 - £6,088 a term for a day pupil and £8,105 for a boarder.

Over the centuries they have provided us with Ben Johnson, Christopher Wren, A.A. Milne, Sir Andrew Lloyd-Webber and John Gielgud to name but a few.

How do you get in? 

The school starts interviewing 2 to 3 years before entry. Registration for entry must take place before age 10 with main entry at 13+.  Registered candidates are invited to the school for an informal interview with a senior teacher and will have to do some oral maths and English tests.  They then either offer a place conditional on getting the required mark in the Common Entrance exam, which would be at least 65%.  There is also the option to take the school's own exam, "the Challenge".  40% of applicants enter the school by this route.  It may be that after the first interview you are not offered a conditional place but are invited to return to take further tests closer to entry.  This is to accommodate "late developers".  There are about 110 places per annum of which 40% are taken by Westminster Under School.

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