Latymer Upper School

Latymer Upper School has been providing education for local children since its foundation in 1624. Located in King Street, Hammersmith, Latymer is now an independent, co-educational day school. Girls have been in the Sixth Form since 1996, and in 2004 girls were admitted to the Lower School. In September 2008 the school will be co-educational in every year group.

Entrance at 11+ is by examination in Maths, English and Verbal Reasoning. The exams are held in January each year. Registrations must be received by the middle of the previous November. Entrance into the Sixth Form is through personal statement, school reference and report with selected candidates being invited to interview in January.

Means tested scholarships, which can be up to the value of 100% of fees, are available for entry at 11+ and 16. These are awarded on the basis of academic excellence and family circumstances.

Academic scholarships, which are not means-tested, are also available. Music scholarships, up to the value of 50% of fees, and additional one-off entrance awards in music, sport, art and drama can also be offered. At 16, there is a major drama scholarship up to the value of 50% of fees.

Current (2007/8) fees are £4,280 per term. There are currently 1080 pupils in the School.


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