Chiswick School 'Above Average' In Many Areas

They are now close to 'Outstanding for Achievement' says Head

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Chiswick School has announced that its students are performing significantly above national figures in most areas, according to a report in RAISEonline, a new way of collecting data on schools.

The report, which is received by OFSTED and the Department of Education shows how schools perform compared to national averages with their Year 11 Results and also how students have performed since arriving at the school.

In this year’s report Chiswick students are performing significantly above national figures in most areas.

Highlights for Chiswick include :-

  • The average GCSE score students achieve across all their subjects has been significantly above national averages for 3 years now
  • Whilst all subject areas are improving, in the following attainment was significantly above the national average. English Language, English Literature, French, History, Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics
  • Low, middle and higher attaining students all made better progress at Chiswick than the national average progress for their group.
  • SEN students achieved significantly above national average figures.

"This is the without doubt the best RaiseOnline report Chiswick has received to date", said Head teacher Mr. Ryan. "One more report of this nature will put us in the OFSTED outstanding category for achievement."

As part of the New Relationship with Schools programme, Ofsted and the DfES are working together to streamline the provision of data analysis to schools by merging the Performance and Assessment Reports (the PANDA) with the Pupil Achievement Tracker (PAT). The new product is known as RAISEonline (Reporting and Analysis for Improvement through School self-Evaluation).

RAISEonline will provide headteachers, teachers, LAs, School Improvement Partners (SIPs) and inspectors with a wide range of analytical information from one convenient source as well as providing schools with a tool for reviewing their performance data in greater depth as part of their self evaluation and target setting.


January 23, 2014