Carrie Reichardt Commissioned To Create Suffragette Sculpture

Amnesty International and arts festival celebrate women human rights defenders

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Local artist and craftivist Carrie Reichardt who is currently the artist in residence at the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust, has been commissioned by Amnesty International to create a new piece to celebrate their 'Suffragette Spirit' campaign.

Amnesty International has been in an artistic collaboration with arts festival Nuart Aberdeen.

carrie reichardt artist

The ceramic mural entitled ‘Suffragette Spirit’ – which will be accompanied by two other works by Carrie Reichardt – will celebrate Scotland's woman human rights defenders, using classic revolutionary imagery and created using the suffragette colours of purple, green and white.

This highly detailed work will include women nominated for Amnesty International’s Suffragette Spirit project, a part of its global Brave campaign, pictures and facts about the suffragettes, and images of human rights protesters."

A self-titled craftivist, Carrie uses the craft techniques of ceramic, mosaic and print to create intricate, often politicised works of art. She is famous for her ' mosaic house' in Acton. Her most recently commissioned community project with The Treatment Rooms Collective is a ceramic mural in the new Acton Gardens development, Tree of Life.

Carrie recently collaborated with Chiswick artist Bob Osborne on a book and exhibition, 'Mad In Chiswick'. The duo have just produced a fine art print from their 'Royal Flushes' series. It costs £120.

('All I Want' - A2 Limited Edition of 20. Minuet Cotton Rag Paper, 300 GSM, UV varnish all over and an enamel black detail. )

May 2, 2018

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