Save the Environment and Cut Fuel Bills

Santa�s Solar Special � You Might Just Need a Bigger Stocking


Install Solar Panels on your house

10% off installation for the Christmas season

Save up to 70% of water heating bills

Help the environment

Get a £500 Government Grant

Cost from as little as £1050 fully installed

Call 020 8683 6683 or e-mail Scott Burrows,

Green Energy Centre

You can�t have missed the power of the sun this year. Floods of local households are making the most of it, turning to solar panels to heat their hot water.

It has just become far easier to join the club this Christmas with an incredible 10% off installation of solar systems for the festive season.

So with the £500 government �Clear Skies� grant and discounts negotiated by the not for profit Sun Rise scheme, you might just need a bigger stocking this year.

Sun Rise is run by the Green Energy Centre, in partnership with Hounslow Council, to enable all kinds of people to realise how practical and affordable solar power really is.

Solar panels fit neatly onto your roof, and connect to your existing plumbing. Collectors absorb heat from the sun, which is transferred to the water coming out of your taps.

�We are delighted with how it works�. This is the way all Europe will have to go�, said Mr Smith of North Isleworth.

Whether its your home, your business or your community, you can install a Sun Rise Solar Water Heating System and heat up to 70% of your hot water over the year, even in Britain. And in the summer you can heat nearly all of it! This means you save the environment and on fuel bills. We all know carbon dioxide emissions are causing climate change; this is your practical way to make a difference.

Energy efficiency measures do the same. If you can reduce the amount of energy being used at home as well as making sure it comes from renewables, you are onto a winner.

With the Christmas Special Offer, Sun Rise Solar Hot Water Heating Systems can cost from as little as £1,050 fully installed, including the £500 �Clear Skies� grant. Variation in your property can raise the cost. There are other renewable energy grants available - up to £5,000 for your home and £100,000 for your community. To find out about energy efficiency, green electricity tariffs, or to reap the rewards of renewable energy, call the Green Energy Centre on 020 8683 6683 or e-mail Scott Burrows,

The Green Energy Centre, a not for profit organisation, was launched by Creative Environmental Networks which works to achieve environmental benefit and to alleviate fuel poverty.

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