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Careworkers to provide live-in and live-out care to private clients (Ad)

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Telephone: 0208842-3329
Mobile: 07792 448 150 MOB: 07958 418 189 Mobile: 07969 013 855, MOB: 07792 447 151 Mobile: 07800-836-339
Email address : info@promisedcare.co.uk

We Recruit, Train & Supply, Care workers to provide 24Hrs Live-in Care to private clients in their Homes, 1-1, Care in Nursing Homes and in supported Living Environment.

We are now Accepting private Clients who require support with:

  • Personal Care
  • Respite Care
  • Sleep Overnight
  • Sitting Services, Waking Nights, Day Care Centre
  • Support with Medication Needs as Prescribed Medication must be in a Blister Pack or in a Dossett Box prepared by the pharmacy.
  • Shopping, Laundry & Domestic Tasks,
  • Support To & From GP Appointments
  • Support to Hospital Appointments
  • Bedside Support on Admission
  • Day Field Trip Support
  • Holiday Accompaniment to Places of your Choice

We will Risk Assess Your Care needs and Provide a Suitable Care worker for your Needs.

We Supply Experienced Care Workers for Nursing Homes. Regular Spot Checks are carried out by our field supervisors.

All care workers, have Satisfactory enhanced Criminal Records Background Checked, and Satisfactory work and character references received, and are on File.

We are Registered by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) and a Member of the UK Home Care Association (UKHCA).


There are many reasons why you may be considering home care options. You may be looking for immediate home help or personal care for an elderly friend or loved one, or you may be seeking care for yourself.

Your needs may vary from light support and home help to more intensive needs such as: Personal Care, Night Care, Dementia Care, Twenty- Four Hours Full Time Live-In -Care, Extra Support to your loved one, who may not be settling in well in a Nursing Home Environment, and therefore, needs One to One extra support in the care Home or at Home. Those requirements could be the result of an accident or illness, recovery from an operation or hospital visit, or simply to help you enjoy a better quality of life away from the caring role. Our Care Workers are Trained in specialist Care, to meet the needs of all the above services. They are knowledgeable in promoting independent living and support. Dignity, Respect, choice and uphold your human Rights to have good quality of Life.

How Our 24 Hour LIVE-IN CARE & 1-1 Are STRUCTURED

After a service user is risk assessed, experienced and qualified care staffs who is properly vetted will be assigned to your home. The care staff, he or she must present to you a name with corresponding IDENTIFICATION card from our agency. You or our staff would contact us to confirm the identity of the person; we will have a chat with you or your representative and our carer, before the carer can commence any care activities in your home.

The care staff would then assist you with any care activities according to your choose, which would include: Personal care and hygiene prepare breakfast, lunch and supper, support with medication according to prescription including repeat prescriptions, Domestic tasks in washing and light housekeeping.

We Provide A Service To Both Public And Private Clients:

  • Older People with Physical Disabilities
  • People With Enduring Mental Health Living in their homes & in Residential Care.
  • People With Learning Disabilities, living in their homes or in Residential Care.
  • People With Palliative Care, who requires support with personal care needs.
  • People With Dementia Alzheimer Diagnoses, living in their homes or Care Homes.
  • Escort Support to Hospital Appointments or Bedside support on Admission.

Daily Mind-Stimulated Activities

Our care workers would promote and support you with daily mind stimulated activities according to choose and ability, both indoors and outdoors. Such as Shopping, walk to the park for fresh air or picnic, Read and discuss newspaper events, play cards, Dominos, Snakes & Ladder games, Bagatelle, Bingo , Swimming, Ludo games, and much more, according to choose.

We would maintain continuity in care with the same care Workers where possible. One Care Worker would work 4 days a week, 24-hour LIVE-IN care, and another 3 days on, then they would alternate the number of days each week if you so wished. We would ensure that we provide a floater staff that would cover in the event of emergency, to minimise service gaps, and a Field supervisor who will carry out regular spot checks and visit you when necessary to do so and assess the quality of services being provided.

We will keep daily records of all care and support activities undertaken in your home daily. Knowing you have daily companion who cares about your wellbeing can be reassuring to you and your loved ones. We value you and we would make sure that we provide you with Care Workers who are properly vetted and cleared by the Criminal Records Bureau, and satisfactory references received.

Our hands-on supervisors and Coordinators would carry out regular spot checks to make sure you and your carer are happy together in the caring relationship. We provide ongoing training and support to all our staff, to enhance performance and to ensure they meet CQC standards and the Care Act 2014.

What We Do:

  • Empower You to Take Control in Your Personal Care.
  • Bathing. Showering. Strip -Wash. Hair Care.
  • Respite Care. Sleep Overnight Day Sitting. Waking Nights.
  • 24hr Live in Care (Two Staff, One Works 4 Days A Week and Another 3 Days) According to Your Choice.
  • We Will Maintain Continuity in Care with Same Carers.
  • We Also Provide Day Care Centre Support and Supervised Visits.
  • We Are a Fully Bonded Agency and Are Under The Care Act 2014, By the Care Quality Commission.
  • We Are Committed to Quality Care at Every Level in What We Do, Underpinned by A Robust Response to Meeting the Needs of Clients. Our Flexible Approach to Meeting Client's Needs at Short Notice Is Second to None.
  • Staff Receive Ongoing Specialists Training to Ensure They Provide A Quality Service That Meets The Needs Of Our Clients At All Level.
  • Staff Are Backed Up by Ongoing Support from Our Management Team

Aims And Objectives

  • We aim to provide a wide range of care and support services to vulnerable individuals in need of care in their own homes or in their chosen postcode of Domicile.
  • Our services are tailored to meet the needs of people who requires 24 hours living care.
  • Waking nights. Sleep-in, one -one 24 hours living in support, 12 HRS night shift 8:00PM 08:00AM OR 8:00AM 8:00PM days shift.
  • We provide one-one support in a nursing home environment for clients with challenging behaviour that presents difficulties to the nursing homes staff to manage without compromising the care of other residents. We provide one -one supported living care in individuals own homes.
  • We will work closely with our customers and stakeholders as a partnership relationship towards a common goal, to achieve a satisfactory outcome that will benefit our clients. This means, if our clients are not satisfied, we are not satisfied.

Type Of Services We Provide:

  • We Would Support and Encourage You to Participate in Your Own Personal Care Needs To promote Your Independence.
  • Support With Medication Needs According to Prescription Where the Medications Must Be in A Dosset Box or Blister Pack Prepared by The Pharmacy.
  • Support With Healthy Eating & Drinking according to choose.
  • Support with Shopping Needs where Possible, we would encourage you to go Shopping with your Care Worker, as part of outdoors activity, to select food of your choice.
  • Support With Domestic Tasks, ensure your laundry needs and your house is kept very neat and tidy.

When Required, Our Staff Would Accompany Clients to Overseas Holidays or Holidays Within UK, However, You Would Be Responsible for The Cost of The Care Worker Who Accompanies You and Normal Daily Agency of its Staff.


•  We charge a Flat Rate: £17.50 per Hr Monday-Sunday inclusive.

•  No Differential Rates: £17.50 per Hr for Statutory Bank Holidays.


Our Contact Details Are:

Telephone: 0208842-3329
Mobile: 07792 448 150 MOB: 07958 418 189 Mobile: 07969 013 855, MOB: 07792 447 151 Mobile: 07800-836-339
Email address : info@promisedcare.co.uk
Address: Promised care Ltd, 16 Arrow Scout walk, Northolt, Middlesex UB5 6EE


September 22, 2021

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