Nourishment for the Soul editor gives Stewed! the big thumbs up

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Alan Rosenthal's cook book is available to pre-order on Amazon and hits the shelves this October


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'Nourishment for the Soul' is the encouraging aim of these delicious one-pot meals inspired by stews from around the world. If it's tasty, healthy and extremely convenient you are after, it's well worth stocking up on a few pots of Stewed!
Chef-founder Alan Rosenthal started selling his slow-cooked stews at London farmers' markets just two years ago, after getting the idea on the Circle Line. Now he's stocked in selected Sainsbury's and Waitrose stores as well as through, and has just written a cookbook called 80 Irresistible Stews and One-Pot Wonders. If his shop-bought recipes are anything to go by, this publication will be well worth a look.'s Editor, Louise Salmon, tried four versions of Stewed! with members of her family over the last couple of days, and can report that they went down fantastically well with the young, old and middle-aged alike. Flavours were full and each stew contained generous chunks of ingredients. We tried the following:
* Hungarian Goulash Stew. The British beef, sweet paprika, red pepper and potato combination results in a comfortingly sweet Goulash, while the kidney beans add a bit of bite and contrast.
* Chickpea, Sweet Potato and Feta Stew. This was particularly more-ish and full of flavour. Good hot or, on a hot day, cold.
* Chorizo, Chickpea and Pork Stew. A hearty one, this. The chorizo adds some welcoming spice, while the chickpeas and pork provide the heartiness.
* Thai Green Chicken. Stewed!'s latest offering. The combination of Thai spices, chicken, vegetables and coconut milk are just as good as the best we've had in Thai restaurants.
We thought all the Stewed! pots made for a satisfying lunch and, padded out with rice and bread, a delicious and quick dinner. At under - and in some cases, well under - 350 calories per pot, they are also a winner for anyone watching their weight.
Stewed! can be heated on the hob or microwaved. For those of us who like to know where our meat comes from, they contain only British beef, chicken and pork. Another interesting fact is that all Stewed! lines are preservative, additive and gluten-free, and apart from the Chickpea, Sweet Potato and Feta are also dairy-free.
If all this is sounding somewhat like an advert, it's simply because it has been very difficult to find fault with these little pots of goodness. Who would have thought ready-made stews from a pot could taste this good? They are a fab idea and we shall definitely be stocking up for those days when you just don't have the time or energy to start making a meal from scratch.
Louise Salmon

June 14, 2010