Katie Horswell Accepts An Invitation to Indian Supper Club

And enjoys delicious fresh home cooking at the chef's own table

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To reserve a place at the Indian Supper Club on Friday May 7th please contact Naveen on 07919 567 198 or naveen.vijh@blplaw.com

They are currently working on a website.


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I had no idea what to expect when I was invited to try out a new supper club in Stamford Brook. Being a huge foodie - but not a fabulous cook - I was eager to accept the invitation, especially when I discovered it was an Indian Supper Club.

Because it was a trial run, the only diners other than the hosts were my sister and me which made us a
little apprehensive. All concerns were allayed when we were greeted at the door by three smiling faces; Naveen Vijh and his wife Sonu (our hosts for the evening) and Naveen’s father, Jeet, the chef.

Our glasses were filled and the conversation flowed.

Starter was a chicken kebab served with a tomato salad and a coriander, chilli and lemon chutney. It was fragrant, tender and delicious. My only problem with the starter was knowing when to stop, but I knew I had to save room for two more courses.

When I asked Jeet why he wanted to cook for a supper club, he said that above all it's because he's a passionate cook. By the end of the night there was no denying this. Here’s a man who knows what he's talking about. While we were all at the table chit chatting about life in Chiswick, and about life in general, he punctuated the conversation with facts about the food we were eating and the ingredients. Jeet, who learnt most of his cooking skills from his mother, has catered for parties of around one hundred people in the past, so he's hugely overqualified to cook for only twelve people, which he can do with his eyes closed.

Our main course consisted of the following dishes:

Lamb rogan josh,
Prawn curry (prawns marinated in yogurt and cooked in a coconut milk, garlic and tomato sauce)
Bhindi (Ladies Fingers)
Bengan ka bartha (an aubergine, onion and tomato dish)
Daal (green whole lentil)
Jeera rice (cumin rice)

This gorgeous home cooked Indian meal really highlighted how much fat and artificial colouring is added to dishes in some Indian restaurants. I am very familiar with Indian restaurants, and Indian takeaways, but I always order the same dishes. The mystery of not knowing what would be served up was very refreshing and meant that I tasted dishes that I had never tasted before. It was a joy to eat my first home cooked Indian meal.

When Jeet served the pudding he announced that the dish was Alfonso mango with vanilla ice cream, homemade chocolate sauce and caramelised pistachios. It couldn't have been a better suited pudding for the meal we had just devoured. The perfect end to a fabulous evening.

Naveen and Sonu really want their diners to leave having eaten delicious food and having had a great experience. Well, we certainly did. I feel like we hit the jackpot.

The Vijhs plan to hold their Indian Supper Club on the first Friday of every month. It will cost £20 per head for a three course set meal and is worth every penny. The menu I sampled is a good example of what they plan to serve, although when you ring to book please mention any dietary requirements so that something can be prepared to suit you. No drinks are provided so take your favourite bottle of wine, some beers or soft drinks to compliment your meal.

I highly recommend trying this as a fabulous alternative to going to a restaurant for supper.

The Vijh family is really looking forward to starting their Supper Club and meeting people in their community who appreciate and enjoy good food. I must say at this point that if you are antisocial then this is not the thing for you…

I look forward to going back in the summer when they can open the concertina glass doors and serve dinner on the patio… I wonder how Pimms would go with Curry…Hmmm.

To reserve a place at the Indian Supper Club on Friday May 7th please contact Naveen on 07919 567 198 or naveen.vijh@blplaw.com

They are currently working on a website.

Katie Horswell

April 7, 2010