Discover the Exotic Secrets of Indian Cooking

And win one of two places at Agni’s Sunday School

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160 King Street, Hammersmith, London W6 0QU

Phone 020 8846 9191


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Win a place at Agni’s Sunday Cookery School by answering the following questions. All the answers are on the Agni website

Or click here for a direct link to the competition

1. Who are the founders of Agni?
2. What Michelin award has Agni won two years running?
3. What number should you call to place an order?
4. How many people can party in the Orange Room?

Now decide which course you would like to attend:

Street foods of India - 25th March 2007
Punjabi Cooking of India -22nd April 2007
India's Party Cooking - 13th May 2007
India's Party Cooking - 27th May 2007

Send your replies to Neeraj Mittra at

Closing date 15th March.

You can find out more about these courses by clicking the ‘Cookery Class’ on the home page.

March 9, 2007