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Election 2006 in Hammersmith and Fulham

Listed below are all the persons nominated to stand in the local area for the Hammersmith and Fulham elections on Thursday May 4th.

This site only covers the wards in the areas around Hammersmith so this does not represent all the seats being contested in the election.

Each ward has three seats up for grabs with each voter allowed to cast up to three votes - only one vote per candidate.

The results for each ward in the last election are available on this page.

The results of the election will be published on this site before any other local media so check back on Friday 5th for full details of who your new councillor is.




Addison Ward

Candidate Party Address
Helen Louise Binmore Conservative 21D Sterndale Road, W14 0HT
Janet Lee Burden Liberal Democrat 82A Minford Gardens, W14 0AP
Dylan Alban Patrick Clarence-Smith Green Party 2 Fielding Road, W14 0LL
Siobhan Mary Coughlan Labour 84B Shepherd's Bush Road, W6 7PD
Belinda Claire Donovan Conservative 79 Kenyon Street, SW6 6LA
Andrew Robert Ellard Labour 2nd Floor Flat 2, 66 Sterndale Road,
W14 0HU
Katherine Susan Mills Christian Peoples Alliance 1st Floor, 65 Netherwood Road,
W14 0BP
Melanie Lynne Smallman Labour 19C Benbow Road, W6 0AT
John Barry Sutton Liberal Democrat 67 Carthew Road, W6 0DU
Peter Hugo James Tobias Conservative 69 Bolingbroke Road, W14 0AA

Askew Ward

Candidate Party Address
Henrietta Sarah Bewley Liberal Democrat 4 Ravenscourt Place, W6 0UN
David Cann Conservative 13 Clifton Avenue, W12 9DR
Gillian Wynne Dickenson Labour 145 The Grampians,
Shepherds Bush Road,
W6 7NB
Alexander Kenelm Evans Conservative 13C Hetley Road, W12 8BA
Lisa Faith Homan Labour Candidate 15 Hugon Road, SW6 3HB
William Joseph Oliver Conservative 2 Ravenscourt Park, W6 0TH
Sophie Priscilla Sainty Liberal Democrat 20 Brackenbury Gardens, W6 0BP
Rory John Vaughan Labour 147 Kings Court, King Street,
W6 0RP
Thoby William Aldus Young Liberal Democrat 50 Wormholt Road, W12 0LS

Avonmore and Brook Green

Candidate Party Address
William Alexander Bethell Conservative 9 Anley Road, W14 0BY
Thomas Gervase Edward Cottam Liberal Democrat 60 Barons Keep, Gliddon Road, W14 9AU
Nicola Joanne Crawley Liberal Democrat Flat 2, 1 Wandsdown Place, SW6 1AF
Robert Edwin Glover Iggulden Conservative 143 North End House, Fitzjames Avenue, W14 0RZ
Mujeer Mohammad Khan (known as MUJ) Labour Candidate Basement and Ground Floor Flat,
23 Caithness Road, W14 0JA
Simon Crescent Risley Labour 13 Bloemfontein Road, W12 7BH
Alexandra Eleanor Kenner Robson Conservative Augustine Studios, Augustine Road,
Brook Green, W14 0HZ
Adrian Dean Whyatt Liberal Democrat Flat 5 Park House, 13 Girdlers Road,
W14 0PS
Victoria Mariah Woodhatch Labour 56 Sterndale Road, W14 0HU

Hammersmith Broadway

Candidate Party Address
Kenneth Michael Cartwright Labour 63 Lily Close, W14 9YA
Edward Clarke Conservative 92 Hammersmith Grove, W6 7HB
Stephen Edward Cowan Labour Candidate 58 Inglethorpe Street, SW6 6NX
Oliver Douglas Craig Conservative Flat F, 7 Vera Road, SW6 6RW
Samuel Robert Le Rougetel Liberal Democrat Ground Floor, 44 Weltje Road, W6 9LT
Lisa Eva Nandy Labour Flat 3, 155 Hammersmith Grove, W6 0NJ
Meher Oliaji Liberal Democrat 5 Chaucer Mansions,
Queens Club Gardens, W14 9RF
Elizabeth Anne St Clair-Legge Conservative 32 Tabor Road, W6 0BW
Andrew Craig Young Liberal Democrat Upper Floor, 44 Weltje Road, W6 9LT

Ravenscourt Park Ward

Candidate Party Address
Christopher Maurice Allen Labour 15 Nasmyth Street, W6 0HA
Lillian Ruth Eckersley Liberal Democrat 31 Theresa Road, W6 9AQ
Margaret Goldstein Liberal Democrat 50A Ravenscourt Road, W6 0UG
Ian Jonathan Harris Liberal Democrat Garden Flat, 23 Raynham Road, W6 0HY
Julian Donald Hillman Labour 19 Flanchford Road, W12 9ND
Lucy Vivien Ivimy Conservative 7 Wingate Road, W6 0UR
Anthony Ross McMahon
(known as TONY)
Labour 590 Kings Road, SW6 2DX
Richard Henry Phibbs Conservative Flat 2, 35 Agate Road, W6 0AL
Eugenie Kendall White Conservative 1 Devonport Road, W12 8NZ

Shepherd's Bush Green Ward

Candidate Party Address
Alexander John Gervase Chalk Conservative 96 Tunis Road, W12 7EY
George Michael Collie Liberal Democrat 10 Cromwell Grove, W6 7RG
Charles Alistair Geoffrey Dewhirst Conservative 49 Lambrook Terrace, SW6 6TF
John Robert Goodall Conservative 18 Anley Road, W14 0BY
Abu Saleh Mohammad Jafar Khaled (known as JAFAR) Labour Ground Floor Flat,
6 Ravenscourt Gardens, W6 0TU
Edmund Paul Owen (known as ED) Labour 19 Bradmore Park Road, W6 0DT
Patricia Owen Liberal Democrat 14 Lanark Mansions, Pennard Road, W12 8DT
Chinyere Mercy Umeh (known as MERCY) Labour 86B Frithville Gardens,
W12 7JW
Jane Ann Jillian Winn Liberal Democrat Room 5, 45 Weltje Road,
W6 9LS

May 3, 2006