Tories Choose Shaun Bailey as Hammersmith Candidate

Black community activist to fight seat in next election

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Election 2006 in Hammersmith and Fulham

The local Conservative party have chosen Shaun Bailey to be their candidate for the Hammersmith seat in the next election. The black community activist was chosen at an 'open primary' in which all local registered voters were allowed to participate

Cllr. Paul Bristow said, "Shaun Bailey is a candidate that Labour will fear.  I just loved his strong Conservative beliefs about hard work, family life and personal responsibility.  I know he will hit the ground running and be champion for our community.  He is an inspiration and I look forward to working with him in the months and years to come."

The new Hammersmith constituency covers Hammersmith, Shepherd's Bush and the part of Fulham north of the Lillie Road. It is made up of bits of Andrew Slaughter's existing constituency of Ealing, Acton and Shepherd's Bush as well as part of Greg Hand's existing Hammersmith constituency.

Mr Bailey attended Henry Compton school and graduated in computer aided technology from South Bank University. He worked as a security guard at Wembley and the Trocadero to put himself through university. He is a gymnast who has won national and international competitions and was also a member of the army cadet force for ten years.

He is a co-founder of My Generation, a charity set up to address the social problems that affect young people and their families, including anti-social behaviour, drug use, crime, teen pregnancy, educational underachievement and unemployment.

He is the author of a report on the inner cities which was published by the Centre for Policy Studies and after the murder of Tom ap Rhys Price he spoke out against the glorification of violence in the media through rap artists like 50 Cents and in support of the nuclear family saying that children should be taught about the potential problems of being a lone parent.

April 3, 2007