Last Issue of London Lite Hits the Streets

Free paper closes today

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The final issue of London Lite is on the streets this afternoon, Friday November 13.

The free paper was launched by Associated Newspapers in 2006 in competition with New International's London Paper, but is being closed by its publishers because of concerns about its commercial viability.

The London Paper also closed earlier this autumn and London Lite's sister paper the Evening Standard has now also dropped its cover price to be given away free.

Since then there has been speculation about the future of London Lite, which had a staff of 36 and daily circulation of 400,000, according to industry statistics.

The move to close London Lite means that The Standard is now London's only evening newspaper. However, many people have reported difficulties in obtaining it, and newsagents in some parts of London say they have lost customers because they no longer sell the paper.


November 13, 2009