Poll shows 83% of Wandsworth residents feel well informed about recycling

"a huge increase in residents� knowledge"


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Council beats recycling target

Eighty-three per cent of Wandsworth residents feel well informed about recycling a new poll has revealed. The study was carried out by MORI as part of the Recycle Western Riverside (RWR) campaign to boost recycling awareness among residents in four London boroughs.

RWR began working in partnership with Wandsworth, Hammersmith and Fulham, Kensington and Chelsea and Lambeth councils in January 2003 to increase recycling awareness and behaviour. The campaign provides technical advice on developing new recycling and monitoring systems, local communications such as advertising and PR, and public engagement via local events, door stepping, and a school�s education programme.

RWR recently commissioned MORI to look at:

General awareness and understanding of recycling amongst local residents
Beliefs, attitudes and behaviours of residents
What people feel about recycling service provision

The results show a huge increase in residents� knowledge about what materials can be recycled and how much recycling they actually do, compared to a poll in 2002 just before the campaign began.

  • 83% of Wandsworth now residents think recycling household rubbish is �very worthwhile�
  • 83% of residents now feel �well informed� about what materials can and cannot be recycled in their area � up from just 51% in 2002
  • 80% of locals feel well informed about what the benefits of recycling are � an increase of 16% since 2002.

Since 2002, Wandsworth council has extended its recycling services, with the introduction of orange sacks for residents with kerbside collections and co-mingled recycling bins on estates, making it much easier for residents to recycle. The research shows that improved services are the main reason why people recycle more than before; 78% of people now say they recycle �everything� or �a lot�, compared to 45% in 2002.

Accessibility of recycling facilities is a key factor and 76% of residents surveyed say they are �fairly� or �very� satisfied with the accessibility of recycling services provided by the council � a third more than in 2002.

Jason Tomlins of Western Riverside Waste Authority says: �These latest MORI results midway through the RWR campaign show a marked increase in people�s recycling habits and demonstrate that improved recycling provisions, backed up by a well resourced education and communication programme, generates significant results."

Wandsworth Council's cabinet member for the environment Kathy Tracey said: "It's great that people are now so enthusiastic about recycling and the services we provide. We will continue to look for ways of making our services even more accessible. "Every year, more and more of our waste in Wandsworth is being recycled. That is a tribute to the commitment of our residents. We still have some tough targets to achieve next year and will be working closely with RWR to boost take-up of services even further."

May 19, 2005