Wanted : Local Cannabis Factory

Police seek residents' help in locating venues

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Police are currently seeking the help of the residents of Hounslow Borough for information about local cannabis factories.

Inspector Mark Weston from the Borough Task Force said, “For many reasons it is important that we close down cannabis factories and arrest the people responsible for them. Many of those that we have already closed have posed a serious fire hazard, due to unqualified electrical alterations, or have involved substantial structural work, carried out without the consent of the owner. Of course, they also support the local supply of cannabis, with all the crime-generating issues that go with it.

In the past, we have had considerable successes, but I am now asking for people just to think about the houses in their neighbourhood and consider whether they might be concealing a cannabis factory.”

The tell tale signs of a cannabis factory are:

1. The houses are generally semi-detached, rental properties in a quiet location.
2. The curtains are consistently drawn or the windows blacked out.
3. There is often excessive condensation on the windows.
4. There are often only occasional visitors to the house.
5. In the set-up phase, considerable equipment is taken into the address (fertiliser, lights, ducting.)
6. Strong sweet smell coming from the address.

“If you have any suspicions, I would encourage people to let us know on either of the contact numbers below. We have various tactics we can use to corroborate your information, so people need not fear being mistaken. If you ‘suspect,’ let us know and we will take steps to confirm your information and respond appropriately.

Please call Crimestoppers on 0800 555 11 or Hounslow Borough Task Force on 0208 247 6327.

September 7, 2008