Council’s New Waste Services Hit The Road

"Now it’s your turn to do your bit and get recycling!” says Peter Thompson


For more information about the Hounslow’s waste and recycling services, visit or email or call 020 8583 5555.

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Hounslow’s new recycling services hit the road this week only to meet with mixed reaction from residents.

The new services include the introduction of household plastic packaging and food waste collection in addition, the council’s green garden waste service is now free, with no need to buy sacks any more.

Understandably, the first cycle has not been without its hitches. There were no collections at all in either Chiswick or Brentford on Wednesday due to 'mechanical problems with some of the recycling trucks'. A spokesperson for the council apologised for any inconvenience this caused residents.

Leader of the council, Peter Thompson, said, “We are providing residents with one of the most comprehensive recycling services in London, allowing nearly 70% of household waste to be recycled.” He added, “We are working with our contractor, SITA UK Ltd, to make it as easy as possible, so now it’s your turn to do your bit and get recycling!”

Local resident, Iain Crump, is less than impressed with the new service. He said, “Houses and flats are usually designed with space for one kitchen bin and one dustbin. You can keep a number of black bags in one old style dustbin, but where are we supposed to keep all these new sacks, bags and bins while waiting for the right week for collection?”

Whilst Vanessa Smith said, "Amazingly it all went like a well-oiled machine here, I suspect it will take a little while to get that borough wide. Personally I am delighted that I don't have to hump mountains of bloody plastic over to Tesco anymore."

Love them or loathe them? Have your say about the new recycling services on the forum.

March 10, 2009