Avoid Alarming Your Neighbour this Festive Period

Residents cautioned against creating noise nuisance with house and car alarms


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Rivalling emergency sirens and revving cars, continuous alarms can cause extreme headaches for residents.

The situation is made even worse if the owner is not around to turn off the alarm in a matter of minutes. With the Christmas break and holiday period looming, residents with house and car alarms are being urged to take considerate action.

“Intruder alarms can be particularly stressful if they continue for long periods or into the night,” says Gerry McCarthy, head of Hounslow’s pollution team.

“The problem is made worse if police or environmental health officers can’t find key holders in order to gain access and silence the alarm.”

The Pollution team are urging those residents with house alarms to sign up to the Council’s keyholder database (020 8583 5555).

Mr McCarthy says simple precautions also can be taken to help prevent car alarms from disturbing the peace.

“It’s a good idea to get your alarm serviced and checked out every so often. We have had to tow and impound vehicles in the past, and this can prove costly for the vehicle owner.”

For further information on noise nuisances please contact the Pollution Team on 020 8583 5555 or log onto www.hounslow.gov.uk

December 27, 2008