Hounslow Failing To Take Climate Change Seriously

Lib Dems call for more urgency from Conservative-led administration

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Lib Dem Cllr Andrew Dakers called for more urgency from the Conservative-led administration in tackling climate change and called on the administration to establish a multi-million pound climate change investment fund and ‘Energy Services Company’ (ESCO).

Speaking at the Borough Council Meeting, Cllr Dakers, Leader of Hounslow Liberal Democrats, said “At this year’s budget my group challenged the Executive to appoint a sustainable food officer, a cycling officer and an energy manager. We stand by our view that these roles could be transformative and cost neutral. But more to the point these roles are an essential part of delivering on the Community and Hounslow Plan environmental objectives and Hounslow becoming a national beacon."

He continued “Hounslow must now gear up to do the same in the year ahead and we will bring forward proposals to achieve this in the next budget. Ours remains an open door for discussion with other groups as we develop these plans.

Commenting after the meeting Cllr Dakers, added,“Leading members of the Tory-led Executive have tonight said on the public record that they will prioritise 0% tax increases above the investment needed in low carbon technology to reduce our CO2 emissions. Cllr Reid also seemed to suggest that the Council’s green electricity was simply a gesture and didn’t really matter. This is not leadership – this is myopic and short term thinking. Hounslow Tories promise last May: ‘Vote Blue, Go Green’, is increasingly in doubt."

Councillor Babara Reid was asked for comment but we are yet to receive a response.


November 8, 2007