Schools in H&F Exposed to Dangerous Pollution Levels

Sacred Heart and St Paul's Primary among those most affected

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Two schools in Hammersmith, St Paul's CE Primary and Sacred Heart High are exposed to some of the highest levels of dangerous pollution in London, according to a report which was allegedly 'buried' by former Mayor Boris Johnson.

The report by Aether, an environmental consultancy, shows a number of schools in Hammersmith and Fulham are being exposed to pollution levels far higher than EU mandated limits.

The annual mean limit set by the EU is 40ug/m3 NO2, or toxic gas Nitrogen Dioxide.

However, out of a list of 100 secondary schools in the Capital, Sacred Heart, a Catholic girls' school on Brook Green between Hammersmith and Shepherd's Bush Roads had the third highest pollution level at 59.8ug/m3.

Out of a list of primary schools, St Paul's Primary, which sits very close to the Hammersmith Flyover, had the second highest level at an even higher 65.2ug/m3.

The report found that a number of primaries and a majority of secondary schools in H&F had levels whch breached EU limits.

Across the borough, other primary schools with dangerously high levels were Ark Conway Primary Academy with 54.4 and Ark Benworth Primary Academy with 53.3, St Peter's Primary with 49.2, Avonmore Primary with 47.6, Melcombe Primary with 46.9 and Kenmont Primary with 46.4.

Secondary high schools with high levels were Phoenix High with 47.3, Fulham Boys School with 42, William Morris Sixth Form with 41.5. Fulham Cross Girls' School and Language College with 41.3, West London Free School with 41.1, Ark Burlington Danes Academy with 40.9 and Fulham College Boys' School with 40.3.

Altogether, Aether found 90 schools across London were exposed to levels of pollution that breached EU limits.

Sadiq Khan, the mayor of London, said: " These figures are of great concern and show why it is absolutely right we act now on London’s polluted air. It is simply not acceptable that young Londoners – our children, grandchildren, family, neighbours and friends – are being exposed to dangerously polluted air and putting them at greater risk of respiratory and other conditions."

The new mayor has already announced plans which could see the 'ultra low emissions zone' extended to the North and South Circulars by 2020, forcing drivers of older cars to pay daily charges to come into London.


July 7, 2016