Pay Your Council Bills at the Post Office

New joint arrangment makes payment more convenient

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Hammersmith & Fulham residents can now pay for a range of local council services at any major Post Office in the UK including the 17 branches in the borough.

Residents will be able to make payments for council tax, homecare, council rent and service charges at whichever Post Office is most convenient.

The council says the new arrangement will initially save H&F taxpayers £90,000 a year and, in a UK first, it has signed a ‘pan-London framework agreement’ with Post Office bosses which gives other London boroughs the chance to opt in so that their residents can also benefit.

“Many residents are happy to interact with councils using websites but many, particularly older and more vulnerable residents, are not,” says Council Leader Cllr Nick Botterill. “If more authorities sign up we could make council services more accessible than ever – while saving taxpayers a small fortune.”

Residents will continue to be able to make payments with cash, debit card and cheques as well as the council’s paying in books. Residents can also still use the council’s payment card system or a letter or bill containing a barcode. However, the barcode will not work in the Post Office automatic pay stations. 

Gordon Rose, Account Director at the Post Office, says: “The Post Office currently provides a broad range of government services. Operating at the heart of almost every community, we are well placed to support local residents. We hope customers in Hammersmith & Fulham see the benefit in the convenience, trust and flexibility the Post Office offers.”

November 20, 2013.