Crack Down on Ravenscourt Road

Enforcement officers aim to drive out yobs and drunks

A team of hand-picked enforcement officers are pounding the streets around a notorious west London haunt for drunks, yobs, and layabouts to drive them out of the area once and for all.

Hammersmith & Fulham street wardens are patrolling the intimidating area around King Street, Hammersmith which became known as the 'Wailing Wall' after casual workers started to congregate there to find work.

"Crime and anti-social behaviour in Hammersmith & Fulham is local residents biggest concern," says Councillor Greg Smith, cabinet member for crime & anti-social behaviour. "Residents around Ravenscourt Park want protection and now they've got it.

Mr Manzari, from La Piccola Restaurant on King Street said, "As a businessman, the last thing I need is people hanging around on the street outside who are drunk or causing trouble. In the past people have used the alleyway behind my restaurant as a toilet, and have hassled passers-by. The zone has made a real difference."

The officers have been given the power to disperse crowds of people assembling on the pavement outside Ravenscourt Park and the corner of King St and Ravenscourt Road. The area will be cleared daily after the introduction of a dispersal order and the beefed up enforcement officers.

Councillor Smith continues, "We cannot allow these anti-social menaces to continue to roam the area and intimidate residents. We are cracking down on louts who binge drink on the paths, urinate in the gutter and cause havoc on our streets. It's a serious problem and we are putting in place zero tolerance measures."

March 16, 2007