New width restriction South of Hammersmith Bridge too narrow

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Judging by the large scraped areas on the new width restriction bollards just to the South of Hammersmith Bridge, there will be many vehicles with damaged paintwork in West and South West London this week.

Louise Boucher, commenting on the forum said: "The width restriction is now so narrow that the traffic is queuing well back into Barnes on both roads.  Chaos.

" Every car has to stop and try to negotiate the restriction, many simply reversing and turning around. After only one day the restriction is already badly scratched.  Yesterday afternoon there was a pedestrian standing at the restriction guiding traffic through."

We heard this morning from a resident who says she has been talking to Richmond Council Planning about the width of the barriers. She told us: "Richmond Council say based on feedback they have had since the weekend it will be necessary to alter the width restriction barriers. They are to widen the barriers on a weekend but don't know which weekend yet.

" The more of us who phone and complain the quicker they may repair them. So please call them on 0208 891 7344."

February 25, 2010