Watermans Gets its Money Back

Arts Council backtracks on cuts at local arts centre

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Watermans have been successful in their campaign to get the Arts Council to change its mind over the cut in funding.

The council relented after the Waterman's case seemed set to go to a judicial review with the centre arguing that the methods for determining where cuts were made were not following proper procedure.

As a result of a Freedom of Information Act request, Watermans discovered that the advice of two separate departments within the ACE was ignored in the final recommendation to cancel funding.

Separately, two departments within ACE realised the potential damage that a cut of such magnitude would have on Watermans and the provision of minority arts in West London. They both recommended that the funding should be retained.

The Arts Council have now agreed to restore 60 per cent of the funding. This will be concentrated in support of the Asian arts which the centre has developed a national reputation for.

November 7, 2008