Exhibition Exploring Love and Intimacy in the Digital Age

Data Dating brings together 9 international artists at Watermans Arts Centre

Data Dating

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40 High Street, Brentford, TW8 0DS
Box Office: 020 8232 1010
Open daily 12 noon – 9pm

Rail station: Kew Bridge, Brentford
Tube: Gunnersbury, District Line or Silverlink /
Buses: 267, 237, and 65


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What does it mean to love in the Internet age? How are digital interfaces reshaping our personal relationships? What do new technologies imply for the future of the romantic sphere? How do screens affect our sexual intimacy? Are the new means of connection shifting the old paradigms of adult life?

Data Dating brings together artists from 9 countries in a group exhibition that explores these questions. The exhibition has been seen in Tel Aviv and Paris, and now comes to Watermans, West London’s arts centre, known for its leading New Media Arts programme.

The advent of the Internet and smartphones has brought about a split in the romantic lives of millions of people, who now inhabit both the real world and their very own “phone world”. In terms of romance and sexual intimacy, these phenomena have generated new complexities that we are still trying to figure out.

Data dating

A highlight is Canadian artist Adam Basanta’s interactive sculpture A Truly Magical Moment, a new kind of kinetic artwork that virtually recreates that classic movie scene where two star-crossed lovers start to spin on the dance floor in a physical culmination of their courtship.

Data Dating opens on Weds 15 January (6-8pm) for a free public launch event. There will be an opportunity to see the exhibition followed by a panel discussion led by the exhibition curator and an informal Q&A.

Data Dating is curated by Valentina Peri in partnership with Galerie Charlot Paris.

See watermans.org.uk/events/data-dating for more information.

January 10, 2020

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