New Borough Commander starts at Wandsworth

Stewart Low is filling the boots left by Joe Royale which were babysat by Guy Ferguson

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Detective Chief Superintendent Stewart Low became borough commander of Wandsworth police on the 2 July and looks forward to working closely with our local partners and the community to make Wandsworth safer.

His priorities for the coming year are to robustly tackle the crimes of robbery, burglary, vehicle crime and crime problems associated with gangs.

Mr Low said: “I intend to ensure that my officers will be courteous and tolerant in all encounters with the public and that we will provide a high level of victim care. I will do this within the financial constraints but will look for opportunities to seize criminals’ assets and use them le crime.

“Safer neighbourhoods teams are a vital part of my strategy in ensuring that we work with our partners to solve problems and we remain responsive to the needs of the public. The support of the public in our actions is essential if we are to effectively reduce and detect crime and bring more criminals to justice. This is particularly relevant given the current fantastic public response in countering terrorism. “

Mr Low has 32 years’ policing experience with a vast majority spent in busy inner city Boroughs. He looks forward to developing further the long-standing and effective partnerships. He added: “This position represents the achievement of my personal ambition to be a police borough commander and I intend to fulfil this role at Wandsworth for a number of years.”

July 7, 2007